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Recharge your Mind, Body, and Energy

Transform your Health with Powerful Ki Treatments

Physical and emotional problems are often caused by a shortage of Ki and blockages within our energy system.

Ki Energy Treatments are a powerful combination of acupressure and sound which help to open the energy channels and improve the flow of human energy.

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Ki is responsible for the communication between all cells, organs, and systems in the body. It is vital to our well-being, relieving physical and emotional pain, increasing vitality, and enhancing the body’s self-healing capacity.

With his sensitive touch, Master Eun can feel how energy is circulating in your body and where it is blocked. He is also able to assess your energy reserves. He then works on your entire body, applying gentle acupressure on the main energy points to release blockages, clear toxins and recharge your energy system.

Throughout the treatment, he uses a breathing technique to make a sound vibration that transmits Ki deep into the energy channels.

After the treatment, many people experience relief from pain, stress, and anxiety, as well as a new sense of calm, lightness, and increased mental clarity.

Ki is the vibration that runs through everything in the Universe,

Whilst we can survive without food and water for a small amount of time, we cannot survive without Ki.

It flows through the human body in an invisible network of energy channels that supports the circulation of Ki throughout our body.


In the same way that Ki flows through our body connecting everything with its vibration, on a larger scale everything in the Universe is connected through the vibration of Ki. ️


Do you feel connected to the Universe and others?


About Master Eun

Ki treatment is a form of energy healing that focuses on motivating the flow of ki energy in the body.
This practice works according to the understanding that the invisible life force of Ki energy flows through energy channels in the body, whereby using gentle acupressure along these channels, the Ki practitioner can help release blockages, improving the body’s flow of Ki.

Additionally, the Ki practitioner will use a sound technique that resonates with the body to foster a more focused and deeper transmission of Ki energy into the body’s energy channels.  After receiving a Ki energy treatment, many people will report feelings of relief from physical or emotional pain, reduced stress and anxiety, increased mental clarity, and an undescribable feeling of “lightness”.

Master Eun is a highly skilled Ki Energy practitioner with three decades of experience under his belt, successfully using this technique to help countless people heal both mentally and physically. He has honed the ability to feel and assess the energy flow in your body and can help you to clear toxins and recharge your whole energy system.  He is also a wonderful teacher who can support you in cultivating a more positive mindset, which he feels is the key to happiness and well-being.


​        Amy Spina  from L.A

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What can I expect to feel after my energy treatment?

You can react to receiving energy in different ways. Many people feel recharged and energized, lighter, and more clear-headed. People also tend to feel relief from pain and greater flexibility.


If I don't feel anything after my treatment is it still working

Different people have different levels of sensitivity to energy. Some people experience a lot of physical sensations or emotional release after treatment. Normally a person's sensitivity depends on their constitution and often someone with a robust and strong constitution will feel less. But this does not mean the treatment is not working. Rest assured that you have received a lot of Ki, which is circulating in your system and supporting your mind and body in different ways.


What should I do directly after the energy treatment?

You can support the detoxifying process by drinking water and avoiding caffeine and alcohol. Try to keep your mind positive and avoid stressful situations to support the flow of energy in your body. This will make the treatments more effective.

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